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I am Diana Valenzuela

Transforming Company Cultures, driving productivity and results.

About me

I am Diana Valenzuela, with 20 years of HR management experience. I am a bilingual strategic HR business partner, with expertise in various HR aspects, including collaboration with senior management and working in fortune 500 companies. I have led HR teams in companies like Ryder Logistics, Walmart International, and Cox Media Group. Additionally, I have a successful track record in HR consulting for small to mid-size businesses, transforming cultures and driving productivity. My education includes a BA in Communications from William Patterson University and a Master’s Degree in HR Management from Nova Southeastern University (NSU). I hold both the PHR certification and McKinsey Leadership Accelerator certification.

Diana Valenzuela Hr Consultant

dv hr solutions We specialize in transformational Human Resources (HR) solutions. We focus on the strategic component of HR as we understand that having a strong People Strategy is the cornerstone of every business. We create seamless integration of HR processes into your business to make your team, leaders and business more successful and profitable.



Talent finder

Talent Finder

Strategic recruitment service connecting companies with top-tier talent for executive and specialized roles.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Personalized program empowering leaders to enhance skills and inspire teams for greater success.

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Dynamic service driving innovation and agility, helping organizations adapt to evolving markets.

Operational Effectiveness and Productivity

Operational Effectiveness and Productivity

Results-oriented approach optimizing workflows and resources for higher productivity.

Tailored Programs and Solutions

Tailored Programs and Solutions

Customized services addressing unique organizational challenges and goals.




Diana Valenzuela, an exceptional professional. Her intelligence, leadership, and problem-solving skills impressed me during our time at Oaks Wellness. She transformed the company, fostering a cohesive and high-performing team. Her communication and interpersonal abilities are commendable, making her an invaluable member of our team.

Thomas R. Lange MPT -Physical Therapist – Rehabilitation Manager

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